company activity

Oz On Control performs projects for the business sector in the area of building control and control Industrial.

Areas of Activity:

• Control and automation

• Electrical design and manufacturing of boards.

• Service and maintenance.

• Dedicated alarm system for the customer.

Control and automation:

Define customer requirements and provide appropriate solutions.

Electrical design and PFC extraction (system operation description).

Select the hardware and implement the software according to the leading standard ISA-88.

Planning the wired, wireless or cellular communications system according to the customer's requirements. Development of HMI software (Human Machine Interface). Simulations and tests at the Company's offices and at the customer's site.

Electrical design and manufacturing of boards:

Electrical systems design, low voltage, high voltage.

Production of assembly boards and installation according to customer demand.

Connection to third party systems (fire fighting, generators, chillers).

Service and maintenance:

Fast service and personal attention is a central and important part for us to preserve

Satisfied customers.

Dedicated alarm system for the customer:

Oz On offers SMS / email solutions as part of a solution

Of a cloud alert system is secured without the need to install a control system


This solution saves the costs of a customer control system.

Oz On has both large and small customers in various fields for more than 25 years.

Our clients receive personal attention, efficient work, and professional service.

Our clients are:

Energy and fuel systems.

Water and sewage systems.

Mechanical systems.

Control and monitoring systems.

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